Executive Assessment

Our leadership assessment uses a pragmatic and constructive approach to highlight how a leader or the senior team can have an impact on the way the business performs. Using a battery of psychometric tools, 360-degree feedback, simulations and benchmarks, we are able to identify leadership traits that are crucial for influencing others and delivering results. One of our points of difference is that we bring extensive business experience to our assessment work. This allows us to effectively assess which capabilities are linked with both current and future performance.

Benefits of Using Leadership Assessment

  • The present strengths and development areas of the executive team, framed against the context of the key business objectives.
  • What specific leadership traits really create value and drive success.
  • The motivation that will drive individuals to continued improvement.
  • How to establish robust performance management that can be used throughout the organisation.
  • Framework for refection on the current leadership style and what changes will generate a better and more effective leader / team.
  • Greater self- awareness about the impact of leadership on colleagues, direct reports and the performance of their business.
  • Encourage executives to take more proactive role in transforming their own leadership development and fulfilling their potential.